Admission Financial Aid And Scholarship

Students who require financial aid may apply for the following Scholarship / Loan Financing:
I-Future Scholarship for UNITAR Students




1-3 A’s

10% Scholarship

4 – 5 A’s

20% Scholarship

6 – 7 A’s

30% Scholarship

8 A’s

40% Scholarship

9 A’s

Up to 70% Scholarship *Interview Required

10 A’s

Up to 100% Scholarship *Interview Required

Include A+, A, A-
Terms and Conditions
Successful recipients must :
*Maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.50 per year,
*Be a student Ambassador and serve 20 hours per semester at UNITAR (60 hours per year)
For those who think they are eligible please apply here
*The application form can be downloaded from the respective website links. Please complete the form, attach your supporting documents and submit them to the respective bodies as per details in the website links.
  • AXIATA Foundation
    Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Maths/ Social Sciences/ Business/ Management
  • PNB
    Accounting/Actuarial Science/ Economics/ Finance/ Information Technology/ Law/ Risk Management/ Property/ Communications/ Philosophy/ Politics
  • Top Glove
    Engineering/ Medicine/ Law/ Finance/ Business/ Applied Sciences
  • Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera
    Engineering/ Finance/ Account/ Economy/ Marketing/ Technology
  • Yayasan TNB
    Engineering/ Finance/ Information Technology/ Computer Science/ Account/ Business Management
Refer to the following list of available Financial Aid (Loans/Financing) for UNITAR students:
  • AFFIN Education Financing-i
    AFFIN Education Financing-i is a Shariah-compliant scheme designed for eligible individuals of selected Universities or Colleges approved by the Bank. Based on the concept of Ijarah, the financing will cover the student's education programme.
    Foundations or Yayasan in Bahasa Malaysia, are non-profit organizations that provide funds and support to other entities or to charitable organizations. Most of them provide study loans to deserving students. Please refer to the State that you are born/live in as the terms and conditions for each State differ.